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Freebie for Memory’s Child readers

mc sequel cover 017aPart one of the sequel to Memory’s Child is free to download at Amazon today and tomorrow, March 5-6.

Phoenix Rising: The Battle Begins is a very short, quick read that carries you through the first battle with the Myths.

Part two will be available soon.


It’s publication day!

The Plan is on schedule, more or less. I’m not in love with the cover I made, but it’s not too bad for my first time. It won’t be the cover on the final, full edition of the sequel to Memory’s Child, so I’m at peace with that.

Once all three parts are finished, I will get the amazing Digital Donna to make a professional cover like she did for Memory’s Child.

Knocking on wood that the work I have left to do will go smoothly. If so…Phoenix Rising: The Battle Begins, a novella, part one of the sequel to Memory’s Child, will go live on Amazon sometime tonight. I’m not sure if I have to attach a minimum price to start with. My plan is to offer it free for a couple of days, but I haven’t gotten that far in the publication process.

Wish me luck!

This is the latest draft of the cover I made. I doubt it will be the final, but you get the idea.

This is the latest draft of the cover I made. I doubt it will be the final, but you get the idea.

After Action Report

It’s Thursday, and my free weekend event ended on Sunday. The final free download count is 1197, which isn’t too shabby for a new author, I think.

Since Memory’s Child went back to its usual sale price of $3.99 for the e-book (I’m still working on getting it into print form), I’ve sold 12. That doesn’t sound like much, but that’s a lot in less than one week, again, because this is a first book from a new author.

I’m happy with the step-up in sales and of course, I hope sales continue to grow exponentially.

Now, if only some of those 1200 freebie and purchased copies generate reviews, I’ll be ecstatic.

Who Knew?

Really, who knew that giving away free e-books was so time-consuming?

It’s not like I actually have to do anything to give away free copies of Memory’s Child. Amazon takes care of all that for me. So why, you ask, does having a freebie weekend take up so much of my time and attention?

Honestly, a giveaway that doesn’t require me to do anything shouldn’t take any time at all. The problem is, I can’t stop checking the reports on my Amazon account to see how many copies of MC have been downloaded so far.

I’m obsessed. I check darned near every waking hour, and sometimes more than once an hour. Part of this unexpected compulsion is fascination with the whole freebie thing. But mostly, I want to know how many potential readers are taking me up on this deal. I say potential readers because not everyone who downloads Memory’s Child will ever get around to reading it. I know. I have several freebies on my Kindle that I may never get to.

So my shot-in-the-dark assessment so far is: about 90 percent of those who download Memory’s Child will actually begin reading it. About 70 percent of those will read the whole thing. I mean, face it. Sci-fi isn’t everyone’s favorite genre, and my style and voice isn’t likely to appeal to every reader, either.

Downloads are at 950 right this moment. Apparently, at least one of the sites that promote freebies did, in fact, promote MC. I don’t have that many friends and family.

Yet another part of my obsession is anxiety. Will they like it? Will they hate it? Will they write a review, and if they do, will it be a good review or will they trash my work?

The free download ends at midnight tonight. I want to stand outside and yell, “Get yer MC! Get yer hot, fresh MC e-book! Hurry, before they’re all gone!”

My friend, author Lauren Clark, said her sales increased after she gave her e-book away late last year. We’ll have to wait and see if promoting Memory’s Child has a positive impact on sales once the weekend is over.

Weekend Freebie Stats

Click on the book cover to go to and download your copy of Memory's Child.

“Wow,” is all I can think of to say. Memory’s Child is closing in on 500 downloads since the free weekend began Friday.

I’m thrilled to know so many people will be reading MC, and utterly terrified that some won’t like it. That is a “heart” thing. My brain knows perfectly well that you can’t enthrall all the readers all the time, of course. My heart just keeps saying, “Why not?” Stupid heart.

Making Memory’s Child free for the whole weekend was a good idea, I think, though many indie authors will disagree. I want more than anything to tell a story, and why write a story if nobody is going to read it? So I’m happy to know that many pairs of eyes will read the story.

I also anticipate that at least a few of those new readers will take the time to rate and post a review of MC on Amazon. All good reviews, I hope!

Personally, I think Memory’s Child would make a wonderful movie….

Get Memory’s Child on Your Kindle for Zero Dollars all Weekend. Priceless!

If you’ve been meaning to download Memory’s Child to your Kindle or Kindle for PC reader, wait no longer!

Memory’s Child is free from April 20-22, exclusively on Amazon. Click here to go to the product page. The link will open in a new tab in your browser.

Here’s the summary from the product page:

Shelana is a genius with a lot to learn. A descendant of genetically enhanced humans known as Preservationists, Shelana roams a landscape devoid of civilization in a world that long ago managed to advance itself right back to the Stone Age.

Presers have only one lifetask: to pass on to their children the knowledge stored in their enhanced memories so that eventually, when mankind is ready to use it wisely, civilization may be restored.

The tragedy that leaves Shelana on her own too soon also sets her on a second path that threatens to end her life before her lifetask is complete. To make matters worse, she faces a constant battle against prejudice directed not at race, religion or means, but at intelligence.

Fomenting and spreading this prejudice is the powerful, mysterious and bloodthirsty group known as Myths. Vernon, leader of the Myths, is determined to wipe out the Preservationists and control the redevelopment of civilization. Vernon has made one mistake that may ruin his plans and cost him his life, a mistake the Myth leader doesn’t even remember he made. But Shelana does.

I hope everyone who downloads and reads Memory’s Child will love it, of course. Please give the book a rating and a brief review, if you have the time. Amazon only requires a 20-word minimum for reviews. If you’re on Facebook, you can “like” MC on the product page, too.

At present, I only have five reviews, but they are wonderful. You can find them on the product page, as well.

So go on, give MC a shot this weekend. What have you got to lose, right? Leave me a comment here, if you like, or on my Facebook page and tell me what you think of the book.

Memory's Child is free for your Kindle all weekend! Click on the book cover to go to the product page on Amazon.

Happy reading!