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The Introverted Writer

LimebirdVanessa has a great blog post about writers who may be shy in real life but blossom online.  Take a look! The Introverted Writer.


Sockpuppets? Learn about them from Laura

Sockpuppets? Learn about them from Laura Hazard Owen. #fake reviews #Amazon #Goodreads #sockpuppets

Interesting blog post about the Harry Potter series.

Bill Chance

My kids have a history with the Harry Potter books. They were just the right age… Well, Nick was at first. He read the first three or so – I remember going to the bookstore in Mesquite at midnight and picking up the books as they were released, so he could start in the next morning. He would devour them.

As the years went by, the books came out while we were out of town, in the middle of summer vacation. Once, we knew we would be in Santa Fe, New Mexico. So I reserved a copy at a bookstore there and Nick and I (he was old enough to stay up now – I don’t know which book it was) went down to pick it up. I remember the night – there was some serious nerdery going on in that bookstore – kids in costume, groups, organized events. I…

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Free today on Kindle! A Lovely, Indecent

Free today on Kindle! A Lovely, Indecent Departure by Steven Lee Gilbert. #family drama #thriller

One more try. LOL. It’s Shameless Self-

One more try. LOL. It’s Shameless Self-Promotion Thursday! Reply w/ link to your book & I’ll share it. Here’s mine:…

Inky Black is the hero (?) of a new shor

Inky Black is the hero (?) of a new short story by mystery/thriller author Brad Fleming. Debuts Sept. 10

Another interesting author to check out!

Another interesting author to check out! #mysteries