Get Memory’s Child on Your Kindle for Zero Dollars all Weekend. Priceless!

If you’ve been meaning to download Memory’s Child to your Kindle or Kindle for PC reader, wait no longer!

Memory’s Child is free from April 20-22, exclusively on Amazon. Click here to go to the product page. The link will open in a new tab in your browser.

Here’s the summary from the product page:

Shelana is a genius with a lot to learn. A descendant of genetically enhanced humans known as Preservationists, Shelana roams a landscape devoid of civilization in a world that long ago managed to advance itself right back to the Stone Age.

Presers have only one lifetask: to pass on to their children the knowledge stored in their enhanced memories so that eventually, when mankind is ready to use it wisely, civilization may be restored.

The tragedy that leaves Shelana on her own too soon also sets her on a second path that threatens to end her life before her lifetask is complete. To make matters worse, she faces a constant battle against prejudice directed not at race, religion or means, but at intelligence.

Fomenting and spreading this prejudice is the powerful, mysterious and bloodthirsty group known as Myths. Vernon, leader of the Myths, is determined to wipe out the Preservationists and control the redevelopment of civilization. Vernon has made one mistake that may ruin his plans and cost him his life, a mistake the Myth leader doesn’t even remember he made. But Shelana does.

I hope everyone who downloads and reads Memory’s Child will love it, of course. Please give the book a rating and a brief review, if you have the time. Amazon only requires a 20-word minimum for reviews. If you’re on Facebook, you can “like” MC on the product page, too.

At present, I only have five reviews, but they are wonderful. You can find them on the product page, as well.

So go on, give MC a shot this weekend. What have you got to lose, right? Leave me a comment here, if you like, or on my Facebook page and tell me what you think of the book.

Memory's Child is free for your Kindle all weekend! Click on the book cover to go to the product page on Amazon.

Happy reading!


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