A Small Detour

If you’re a writer or an aspiring writer and you wish you could produce more work faster, let me tell you about Cyndy Mobley.

Eons ago, I transcribed novels for Cyn. She dictated like a runaway train, and, since I could still hear reasonably well and type reasonably fast, I was happy to work for her transcribing the tapes.

The worst part was getting caught up in the story and forgetting to type. Well, there was also the “sauna boy” incident, but that’s another story for another time.

Cyn writes a wide variety of books, from techno-thrillers to entertaining books with dog protagonists, a book about bounty hunting and books about martial arts. She is an excellent writer, and I say that not just because I wound up as a character name in one of her books, but because when I get my hands on one of the thrillers I didn’t type, I read it in one sitting. They are that good.

Cyn also wrote a couple of books about writing. BAM: Book A Month is a brief but incredibly valuable book for anyone who wants to produce good work faster.

If you are the type of writer who plans your plots and have at least some self-discipline, BAM might be just the kick in the pants you need. I say this as someone who plans little, if at all, and who has all the self-discipline of a sex addict in a whorehouse on Freebie Friday. I found BAM useful  and inspiring, and still refer to it for help in focusing my efforts.


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