My Idea Germs are All Shook Up

Have you ever heard of the New Madrid Seismic Zone? No, it isn’t in Spain. This particular fault line is named for New Madrid, Missouri, and it runs from there to the South and the Midwest.

Memphis is at what I am guessing is the southern tip of the main Seismic Zone, but earthquakes can and have occurred well away from that area. Earthquakes measuring more than 8.0 are possible.

While I’m no scientist, reading some information on Wikipedia (which I consult with a large salt shaker handy) that three distinct areas of this fault could conceivably misbehave at the same time gave me the willies. The destruction would be enormous, especially in thickly populated areas like Memphis. (If it happens, may the shaking open up the cages and free all the animals at animal control while swallowing up the POS subhumans who fail the animals so miserably there).

What would a high-magnitude earthquake cluster or major simultaneous events be like for the people living in the Zone? Some of the singular earthquakes originating there have rung church bells and rattled windows as far away as Boston and Charleston, SC.

In fact, New Madrid was completely destroyed by one large earthquake.Imagine what several major earthquakes or an entire symphony of earthquakes would do. Would fissures open up and swallow houses or whole towns? Would rivers reverse their flows? Disappear? How far away from the epicenter would the damage spread?

Bearing in mind that I am a fool for disaster movies, it’s no wonder this concept–for fiction, not for real life!–is so interesting to me.

I’m off to do some more research while I ponder the idea.




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