Kindle vs. Everyone Else

Are there more Kindles than Nooks out there? If my sales, which are admittedly still very small, are any indication, then the answer is a resounding yes.
I am thinking of unpublishing Memory’s Child at both Nook and Smashwords and going with the Kindle Select program. This makes my e-book exclusive to Kindle for three months, and makes it available for Prime members to borrow for free. Authors get a cut of a pool of money Amazon keeps for that.
If I go with Kindle Select, I can also offer MC free at various intervals, which I think has more chance of bringing me some much-needed reviews.

Are there more Kindles in the reading world than other types of e-readers? It seems so.

I’m still pondering the idea. If anyone has some experience to share, please feel free!


One response to “Kindle vs. Everyone Else

  1. I received an invitation to narrate your book on audio (this morning)! Can’t wait to read the book, and begin recording. I sent you an invitation to connect on LinkedIn. — Suzie V.

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