Marathon Writing Challenge

No, I’m not challenging anyone to a “write-off” this weekend. I’m planning my own marathon – of writing – this weekend.

I plan to begin at 8 a.m. Saturday and end at 8 a.m. Monday  – with time off for sleep and meals, bathroom breaks and possibly a conversation with my husband.

The plan is to eschew Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, blogs and web surfing for 48 hours and concentrate solely on writing.

I will allow myself to make notes of things I need to look up on the Internet, like genetics and climate, etc., but I won’t look them up until Monday.

Luckily for my decidedly addicted self, I connect via a Cricket broadband modem that plugs into a USB port on my laptop. All I have to do is pull the modem out and toss it into a drawer.

My goal for this weekend is a minimum of 5,000 good words on the sequel to Memory’s Child. Secretly, I’m hoping for double that. I need to get into the groove, and an exhausting, sweaty 10K marathon will give me a sense of accomplishment and some needed momentum.

If you want to join me, just post a comment with your achievement. Otherwise, just wish me luck. After two decades of writing mainly nonfiction, my creative side is a tad rusty.

Not to mention that I am as addicted to the Internet as most people I know, and I have the self-control of a starving rat in a cheese factory.

If you happen to see me sneaking onto the Internet, feel free to yell at me to log off and get back to work.


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