To Market, To Market

I’ll admit it: I don’t have more than a small clue about how to successfully market anything, including my own e-book.

So far, except for one sale in the UK, most of the copies of Memory’s Child sold are to friends. Perhaps one to my son, making him the only family member so far.

Did I jump the gun publishing Memory’s Child without a lot of marketing research or expertise? Maybe, but remember, the world is supposed to end in December, which doesn’t leave much time for lollygagging.

I believe that Memory’s Child is a good book, a good story, that a significant number of readers will like. If I didn’t believe in this book, I wouldn’t have published it, prematurely or otherwise.

Fortunately, there isn’t much you can’t learn on the Internet, so in between writing sessions, I’m researching marketing.

This publishing business is time-consuming, but I believe the payoff will eventually be worth the effort.

If I had it to do over again, I would do the research first and have a full-bodied marketing plan in place beforehand instead of playing catch-up now. Forget the Mayans and their blasted calendar; if you’re planning to self-publish, make a plan, first.


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