Hark! Yonder Echoes the Cry of the Wild Noob!

I spent five long, intense days working on publishing MEMORY’S CHILD as an e-book. I did a final edit, formatted the manuscript and – at long last – uploaded to Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.
The editing wasn’t that bad. After all, I’ve been editing MC for about 20 years, now. The formatting, however, was a nightmare. I understand why so many formatting businesses are available on the Internet. I may yet hire one to format the prequel to MC when it’s ready.
As a learning experience, getting the manuscript finalized, dedication and acknowledgements written, plus the copyright and disclaimer information done was invaluable.
Now I know how the process works and I know how long it takes for a book to go from upload to “on sale.”
Since Sunday or Monday (the whole thing is a blur, now), when I uploaded MEMORY’S CHILD to Smashwords, my final goal, I’ve been exploring the realm of networking.
I started a new Twitter account, an author’s page on Facebook, posted links everywhere I could think of to Kindle, Nook and Smashwords, worked in a couple of reviews of other authors’ books and still had to get my animal rescue articles and videos done for Examiner and a local TV station website.
In doing that, I repeatedly ran across blogs, Tweets, Facebook posts and various and sundry other tidbits written by some of the authors I know. I’m exhausted!
Now, the only question I have (and I ask it with a high-pitched, quavering wail) is: how do they find time to write books?


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