Is This Winter?

Being a Southerner, I’m not a fan of cold weather. Having been raised by Yankees, I’m not a big fan of very hot weather, either. I need to move someplace that stays comfortably cool all year ’round.

ImageThe best thing about living in the South is that we often have mild, even balmy winters. I like to sit outdoors when the weather is cool-to-warm, and spend time thinking about characters, plots and settings. Daydreaming, in other words.

Half an hour or an hour outdoors is usually enough to get the creative juices flowing smoothly, and I can spend the next few hours working on whatever writing needs doing or whatever writing I want to do. The two are not necessarily the same.

While lolling around in the warm afternoon sun today, I spotted two trees in glorious bloom up the street, so I strolled over and took a photo. I know what these flowers are, but their name escapes me. Their heady scent is at once earthy and spicy. I cut a small branch and set it in a vase on my writing desk to chase the shadows of winter away.

The flowers’ subtle scent and bright presence lightened both my workspace and my mood, and made today’s editing chores less onerous.

Try making a small change to your writing environment now and then. Put different photos in the frames on and around your desk. Swap out that dreary CFL lightbulb for a brighter light that more closely emulates true daylight. Lay a brightly-colored table runner over the far end of the desk and arrange photos and a knickknack or two along its length.

You might be surprised at how big an impact a small change can make on your creativity level.


2 responses to “Is This Winter?

  1. Good ideas.Especially the going outside part (Is that pear or bridal wreath? both bloom early) Nice post

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