Have Yourself a Merry Little Wordspree

When I announced on Facebook that I’d signed up for a blog on WordPress, my darling son responded with his usual plethora of misspellings, including “Wordpree.”

I told him his typo would be great if he added an “s” before the “p” to make “Wordspree.”

Writing is exactly that: a wordspree. Or at least, it should be. While any writer will tell you that this is a particularly difficult, brain-labor-intense profession, it is also tremendous fun, especially for fiction writers.

Really. You can make up cities, states or entire worlds. You get to make people laugh, cry, commit acts of supreme generosity and humanity, or acts of supreme cruelty and hate. You get to fall in love with a character and cry when you kill her off.

Through the characters you create, you can buy jewels, the finest clothes and the fastest cars, or pawn those jewels, wear smelly rags and live in a car. It’s up to you.

Well, it’s up to you right up until the moment your characters “come to life” and begin making choices of their own.

Throw yourself a wordspree today. Sit down – stand up, if you think better that way – and give the words permission to flow directly to the page. Toss your inhibitions in the trash. Set your imagination free. Remove all boundaries of convention and civility and let ‘er rip.

Whether your write longhand, like me, or on a computer keyboard, just do it. Write.



3 responses to “Have Yourself a Merry Little Wordspree

  1. Well it’s about time you got sucked into the blogging world!

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